Untouched and beautiful

It's a rainy Sunday evening,  and I know I shouldn't be posting tonight because this is the "one" day we are told to not work, but rest.  I have such a hard time with this on any given Sunday, I know shame on me.....Wait, hold on, I just asked Mr. B about this and I think he just made sense of it all he told me "your not working, your hobbying(is that a word?)  So there we go I am NOT WORKING, I AM HOBBYING which means something like this:  doing an activity that you enjoy doing which equals BLOGGING!!  Love it!

Since it's Sunday I will make this short and sweet.  Just had to share with you this beautiful, thrifted, and untouched chair!    

TA DA....isn't it so clean and beautiful, not even a mark on her, really?    
Do you see her twin right beside her?  She was in excellent condition too.  It was so tempting,
 let me tell you

$29.00,  I never, ever pay full price so I talked them down to $20.00!  Not a steal, but
the condition of the chair was unbelievable and I didn't have to do a thing to it.  SCORE! 
I put it in our bedroom threw a pillow on her and she looks great. 
 Have a great week!


True Topiary

So I have to say I can't even take credit for this one, but it was so....easy.  I have been searching for a new DIY project when I ran into Katie@Clearedfortakeoff and just had to copy her $4 DIY topiary, but mine was five big ones and it all came from the Dollar Tree(Love it)

So Simple: (1) bag of floral moss, (3) Styrofoam floral arrangers,
(1) small ceramic pot, and one stray stick from the yard.
Oh yeah, you'll need your glue gun too.

Since the Styrofoam was a little big for the ceramic pot, I had
to trim her down with a sharp knife.  PLEASE watch your
fingers!  It's too late now, but I think you are always suppose
to cut away from yourself, oops!

BINGO, she fits.....I glued her in for good measure.

OK, so the Dollar Tree did not have a sphere so I improvised.
I took two of the Styrofoam things and hot glued them together

to make this, a hexagon= 6 sided object, right? 

After some shaving and rounding out, I have a sphere,
well it's not perfect and that's ok.

I know, I know this is the longest DIY post, but bear with me.
Take the hot glue gun and start gluing, be sure to use alot of glue
for full coverage.  Once you have her completely covered with
moss be sure to press the moss down so it all sticks and covers.
Easy, right, you betcha...

All covered

Hammer Stick Time!  Gently push the stick into the Styrofoam in
the bottom of the pot and if you want to (I did) add some hot glue
to secure the stick.

Attach the top and add some extra moss
to the top of the pot AND

Here she is and she only cost $5.00, score!

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Two of a kind

Have you ever heard of the ReStore Discount Home Improvement Center?  Did you know the proceeds from these stores help support Habitat for Humanity in our community?  I am proud to say these two beauties came from the ReStore and I can't even take the credit for them, but I really wanted to.  Nope, Mr.B found them one day while out thrifting working.  He sent me a picture of them and I immediately feel in love.  I couldn't call him back fast enough to tell him to not let go of them and RUN to the checkout as fast as he could.  He ended up paying $8.00 per lamp, oh yeah...that's right, $16.00 big ones.  Did you notice the light bulbs on those babies and they work too, we scored, didn't we?  I almost feel bad, nah..
Almost identical
Look what I found at Target a couple of
days later. Can you even believe it?

I picked up the shades at Target
for $12.00 a piece. 

All cleaned up and dressed!

Total cost for the set: Lamp x 2= $16.00, Shades $24.00, plus one happy lady= $40.00 and  some change, however remember one lamp base @ Target was $39.99.  This is why I love thrifting.  Have a great weekend! 

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Not just Today

Happy Valentine's Day!  This is one day out of all the holidays that I don't get too excited about.  I think the reason is I don't need this day to tell all the people I love that I love them, you know what I mean? 
So to all my friends and family...I love you and am so thankful for you, not just today but everyday!

Cookies for the girls and Mr. B because I can and I love them too

The heart shaped rock makes an appearance today.  My daughter found it all be her little self
and gave to me probably 5 years ago. I showed it to her and she had
forgotten about it, but I sure didn't......I think it's pretty cuute!


Picture Gallery Wall {Before/After}


The longest wall in our house

We've lived here for 10 year this month and I can't even believe I finally got my gallery wall done? I've been scared to death of this wall for as long as I can remember. I mean don't get me wrong I've had several different, big pieces of art hanging there, but it just never did it for me. You know what I mean?

Please forgive the picture quality, I really do have a brand new "big girl" camera, but am still learning how to use it.  Also, please excuse the glare from my windows in the living room.  To get the right picture I had to get down closer to the floor and try to shoot it upwards.  I am just thrilled I finally got it done and the best thing is I can add on to it or change it up a little with each season.  Hope you are inspired!!  The complete details are here.


Blizzard of 2011 - Snow Day #3

I have been cooking and eating non-stop and am ready to get back into my
normal routine of life again.  How about you? 

The girls are getting a little stir crazy now so we all worked on putting together 
55 Teacher's Appreciation gifts.  Each gift bag has one oatmeal packet, two 
hot chocolate packets, and two individual tea packets.  Doesn't it just warm you
heart?  I hope they enjoy them and know how much we appreciate all they do for
our children.   Here are a couple more snap shots of the day.

Mrs. Potter had school in her room today with Molly and Felicity

55 Teacher Appreciation gifts done- check


Blizzard of 2011- Snow Day #2

 4' drift in front of the porch and Mr. B shoveling

Lots of snow on the roof

Girls having a blast out in the snow
Well, we are officially into Snow Day #2 and our second day of "at homeness", but I did brave the great outdoors to help Mr. B shovel over 12" of heavy snow, watch the girls play in the snow, and attempt to take some snow pics.  Mission was successful!

Lastly, I am thankful today for our "at homeness" because we helped several neighbors dig out of the snow.  I am amazed to see such generosity in people and just good neighbors helping each other out.  Did I mention we have the best neighbors, I am not kidding....      


Blizzard of 2011- Snow Day #1

Just the beginning...we are home bound

The view from our front window, can
barely see the neighbors

We decided to make the best of the day and bake, and blog of course.  My daughter just loves the Cake Boss and she is always wanting to create something new so here it is. 
 Valentines a little early!

Needless to say, we made the best of the day and are hunkerin down for the
next couple of days.  

Isn't it beautiful, fun-fetti cake with vanilla icing
My little baker, Miss. Cake Boss
Hand made roses made of sugar
fondant and pretty if I say so myself
I will bet you we have Snow Day #2 tomorrow...