Spring Break in the city

We wanted to "get away" with the kids this past week for Spring Break, but knew a tropical, beach vacation was not in the budget.  We thought since we are only 2 1/2 hours from Chicago that we would venture up on the train and explore this great city.  I love, love Chicago and it's beautiful architecture, history, and culture.  My love for the city is rubbing off on my girls too.  

I actually took this picture from the window at the Field Museum.

Look at the key pattern detail I spotted on a staircase.

The windows on the roof of the Field Museum made out of long lasting aluminum and was originally designed to look like a "square wagon wheel".  Such detail!

A view of the John Hancock Building (the far left black building)
On a clear day the views from the John Hancock observation deck is breathtaking,
you can see clear up and down Lake Shore Drive.

Yes, this building does have a piece cut out of it.

A view from the 27th floor of our hotel where the pool was 
 located.  The girls swam and I had a blast taking
 pictures of the city and the amazing architecture.

The Bean in Millennium Park

The view underneath!


Thrifting finds and then some

Found this at HSH mission this winter and thought I would put it
away until Spring.  I paid $1.99

Is it bad that I didn't have to do a thing but hang it up in my kitchen?  

My hands were FULL when I left the mission!  Two black matching candle holders, if you ever find 2 of something grab them because chances are they won't be there the next time.
Also found a shell in great shape, four books with the same theme going on, and a wooden holder of some sort.  

 Remember my owl I found at Pier One?  Found some friends in the $1 section at Target, thanks to my friend Lisa!!


St.Patrick's Day treats

While perusing through all of the cooking websites today I came upon these cute St. Patrick's Day treats.  Nothing like a Lucky Charm cupcake to bring a smile to your face or some
frosted Irish cream brownies.  

Lucky Charms Cupcakes from Betty Crocker

Frosted Irish Cream Brownies from Betty Crocker

Do you have any big plans for St. Patrick's Day?  
If you ever get to experience the Chicago river you'll see an incredible shade of Irish green to celebrate St Patty's Day. They know how to party it up in Chicago! The crazy thing about this is the river is always a murky shade of green throughout the year.     

It really is quite amazing

Have great St. Patty's Day and remember to wear GREEN!! 

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Caught my eye

I was driving through campus the other day since all the students are on Spring Break, minding my own business, when out of no where I saw this!  I literally had to do a double take and try not to run off the road.  No, it's wasn't a rainbow with a pot of gold at the end I wish, but these beautiful, colorful, stacked just right rows of Adirondack chairs at our local Ace Hardware. 

After all my commotion can you believe I didn't even stop.  Nope, I had to go back later to get some pictures because I couldn't stop thinking about it.  Just crazy, right?   

I love yellow, blue, and green....they look so "cool" together.

Another reminder that Spring is on it's way and vibrant colors will be surrounding us soon!
A little side note I took these pictures for fun and did not
receive any compensation from Ace Hardware. 


Love the Lattice

Found this the other day while browsing at our local thrift store, I
had my eye on it the last time I was in there and couldn't stop thinking about it's potential....you know?  

I scored today and paid 3 buckaroos... 
looks like it was even marked down too, yippy skippy!

 All I had to do is tape the frame up and cover the lattice with paper. 
Then I spray painted it with two coats of Krylon Chalkboard Paint,
and it couldn't have been any easier.  I left the frame alone, but 
hope to paint it with some color...maybe a light blue??    

Instant chalk or message board, love it! 


Call it Art

While I am still finishing up my Launch Pad I wanted to share with you some homemade art that my daughter and I made a couple of months ago with inspiration from the Nester.  Check out her easy, I mean EASY instructions on how to create your own, unique piece of art.

I used a creamy cream color, even though the picture looks more white than cream!  It was so SIMPLE, but letting it dry overnight was the hardest part for me...I know patience Andrea.....

Zooming in here, don't you just love the texture
and it's just GLUE!

I thought it needed some color so I painted over it with
some Folk Art acrylic paint, Greenscape is the color. 
A perfect shade of blue/green.  


glimpse from the hall

This is what I saw today after church in my younger daughters(only 8 yrs young) room and all I have to say is "symmetrical"  Look, she didn't do it on purpose and she even used 7 stuffed animals/pillow pets.  A little FYI.....Rule of Design: try to use odd numbers when
grouping things together BECAUSE it attracts the eye.........I love odd numbers!!

I think my little girl might be a little too much like me, but secretly it warms my heart

Could see be another me?

Have a great week AND only 15 more days until Spring!!


Launch pad?

To quote handymancraftywoman, "a launch pad is a place you can set up near a doorway, to help "launch" you out the door for the day; or to help you "land" when you come home."  Do you have one in your home?  Look at these beauties I found today
Check out A bowl full of lemons  Simple, but
functional at the same time.  Love the numbers 

 Melissa at 320 Sycamore is so creative, go check out
how she made her benches.....

 Pure inspiration for a bigger foyer and wall space. Check out 
Endless Crafting  for her Pottery Barn look a like.

I am working on my launch pad as we speak and hope to be back soon to show you mine.  Busy, busy around here....Happy Wednesday