What is old?

I have been looking around the house and noticed a couple of things....besides the fact that it needs some serious TLC. No, I got to thinking about what we still have and actually use from our wedding.  Here's the first thing I noticed, our my cooking utensils.  Yes, these are the originals and I've never replaced them.  Can you believe it?  I guess you can probably assume then that I don't cook enough....you might be right!!  Hate to admit it, but I don't love to cook.  I would have to say they are in pretty good shape, a little discolored.  I even remember who got these babies for us and where she got them....look Angie we still have them :)

I once heard that women are either cookers or cleaners.  Yeah, I'm a cleaner, my poor hubby.  

Here's a close up of the back, it almost looks like a smiley face...proof positive I cook...

WARNING:  My computer was acting up, so sideways is what I GOT.  Anyway, Towels with strings and strands all along the edges, but, but, but they are still absorbent and big in size to boot. Plus they are neutral  colored so they match with everything.  That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it! 

Stings never hurt anyone besides getting tangled in the washing machine.  Do you have any like these in your home?  Do you still use them??? 

Me and my hubby! (picture is a couple years old)  It's not our wedding anniversary yet, but we'll celebrate 14 years in October. I am so thankful our marriage is built to last a lifetime and doesn't wear out.  


Look what I found...

I am so excited about Ange's inaugural linky party today at The Blooming Hydrangea. The name of her party is "Someone's trash has become my treasure"and I know you all have something in your home that you've transformed into a treasure. Hope you can share your awesome finds at the party and link up to your hearts content.  Let's show Ange some blog love and link up! 

Bought this for the chunky frame....I have big plans for this and it includes chicken wire!

Um, I broke these when I was doing my photo shoot, but have no fear a little Gorilla Glue will fix the problem.  And some spray paint if the weather humidity ever comes back down to non rain forest levels.

Can you say FREE!!  Found this on the side of the road.  It's in great condition and again some paint and a new knob and it will be ready for my daughter's room.  Yippy skippy!
I'll be back soon with the updates on these

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