Simple Friday's: Prayers and Thoughts

Can I just say "Hi"! How have you all been? Good I hope! 
Well I'm back and I can't even tell you how happy I am. My part
 time job has turned into a full time job and has taken me out 
of town, but I am finally home and there's nothing better 
than home, right??

To ease back in I wanted to keep it simple today and have a favor to ask.
Would you please join me and pray for my friend and fellow blogger Michelle at Sweet 
Sweet Something Designs. 
You can read more about her journey here. I am a firm believer in prayer and know that
God hears them. I know Michelle would appreciate your prayers and support as well.



A good excuse & Valentine wreath

Howdy friends! I so missed my Simple Friday post last week due to
my part, part time job I have. I work 12 hour shifts and after working
those long hours I am literally a limp noddle. Now this week I am 
back at it so I am squeezing this post in, it's short and sweet!

I am so inspired by all of the Dollar Tree beauties out there and wanted
to "try" one to see how easy it would be and do it on the cheap.  
I took this picture on my IPhone with the Instagram app and embellished it 
on the PicFrame app, trying something new and it's fun!!

Here's my list of supplies:

1 wooden wreath, it's breaded

5 rose stems, two different kind of flowers or be creative

Hot glue gun

White ribbon

Total cost of the project was $6.00 and some change

The ladies At the Picket Fence are the ones who inspired me 
to make my own Valentine's wreath. Don't you just love how
theirs turned out? I do 


DIY Furniture painting

Well it's official, I've done it! I finally got up the nerve to paint my first piece of 
"real wood" furniture, you know the dove tailed kind. About a month ago my
daughter's dresser finally bit the dust and one of the drawers caved in. It was
time to find her new dresser and not spend a ton of money.

We ended up finding her a matching dresser and side table at a consignment
shop. The store was going out of business, even better! Both pieces were   
 solid and in excellent condition. We ended up spending $100 on both.

Why would anyone want to paint this? Because it's too dark and a little paint never 
hurt anything.

Shiny top, must be sanded.

Done! All sanded, primed, painted, and poly'd, it's that simple. 
No, the process was time consuming, but well worth it in the long run.
My daughter chose the paint color; Martha Stewart Picket Fence.
A perfect shade of white/cream. Good choice Allison!

Martha Stewart: Picket Fence

I had this handle left over from another project and thought  it looked good. Oil rubbed bronze on a
freshly painted white surface. Beautiful!  

What a difference a little paint and patience can do. Now it's time to start on her dresser. 
I purposely started on the night stand to see if I could do it.  

I hope you'll come back soon to see how the dresser turns out.

 THANK YOU for stopping by and following along. Your 
comments and support mean the world to me.