My Haven Story

To think I wasn't going to go to Haven, well at first I wasn't but after a 
Facebook post saying I have a Haven ticket for sale. I didn't even think 
about it, I just said "I'll buy it, ME, please!" and it really was one of the 
best decisions I think I've ever made {well besides my hubby and children} 

Our first night was full of  warm welcomes from these fabulous ladies{I'm sure you recognize them all} and a cocktail party to mingle. Haven was a year in the making and they really did an outstanding job. Thank you Sarah, Rhoda, Kate, Kristi, Traci, BethChris and Marian for all of your hard work!

Sarah from Thrifty Decor Chick, one of the first blogs I
started following and was inspired from then on.

Oh Nester, I love you! 

My roomies and fellow bloggers who I call "friends" now. Thanks Anna@Directions Not Included,
Ange@The Blooming Hydrangea, and Lisa@Before Meets After for the friendship, laughter, talking until the wee hours in the morning! Love ya ladies! 

Young House Love welcomed us to Haven the first day of the 
conference. I loved hearing their story on how they started blogging, 
they took a chance, amazing! 

Thrifting 101 with Mr. Goodwill Hunting
I learned some new thrifting strategies and can't
wait to share them with you soon.

    We ate cheesecake together   Shared tips on our blogs                                     talked ALL night long

Already looking forward to next year


Father's Day wish

A special Father's Day wish to my husband! Thank you for
being our "rock" in this family. You are loved and treasured 
more than you will ever know. We love you to infinity and 


Simple Friday: new look on the blog

Have you noticed my blog has a new look these days and a big thanks to Ange at
The Blooming Hydrangea for her recommendation to use The Mustard Ceiling Designs
for my blog re-design. Working with Elizabeth was great and her response times are
unbelievable. She's top-notch no doubt about it!
I used a pre-made design, but customized it with my own color scheme. If you are looking
to freshen up your blog or want an completely new look please check Elizabeth out. 


It's done, our wood floor

Hello friend! I'm excited to share with you our new floors!
 It has been a LONG time coming. If you follow me on Facebook 
{I hope you do} then you've probably seen  some pictures of  new floors,
  We definitely had some issues and you can read about them here,
but I'm happy to report it's all coming together.

The installer were here last week on Thursday and Friday and finished
the floors, but not the transition pieces and the quarter round. They are
 here right now as I write this post to finish up. AMEN!  

Aren't the colors beautiful? 

Remember what our floors use to look like? 

Now I am going to concentrate on getting ready for Haven which is only
week away! This is my first DIY blogging conference and I am so excited
to go. While I'm there I'll get the chance to finally meet up with several blogger 
friends that I've only meet online. It's going to be a great trip!  


Living with clutter is stressful

Is it Thursday yet? Please!! If you missed my post yesterday, you can
read about it here. Anyhoo, I called Home Depot and to ask about my
installation date for the wood floor and I didn't get a call back at all. Let me 
say that again, I didn't get a phone call back. Luckily, I had the installation company's
phone number so I gave them a call and got a dates for the installation. They are coming
back this Thursday and Friday, hallelujah! 
In the meantime, the clutter in my house is about to drive me up a wall. I have knots in my
stomach with the mess. My house is never perfect, but usually an organized mess and I know
exactly where things are. You have to know what I am talking about.

Baby grand piano sitting the middle of the floor, moving this is not fun. 
See the mail on top and all the junk...it's only temporary that's what I 
keep telling myself.

Welcome to our home, you don't have to take off your shoes today!
Want to install some hard wood floor today?

Stuff everywhere, behind the couch I have my china all over the floor, lamps,
extra furniture, you name it's in this room. Cozy, my hubby says!  

List of fun things to do from my daughter, my favorite bubble gun blowing contest

Then to make things even more stressful, we got a new kitten. Since we found a new home for our dog Max we promised the girls a new kitten. Our good friend's mom had a couple litters ready at her farm so we have boy named Loki (I guess it's the bad guy on the Advengers movie) I'm going with the flow here, well trying!


Flooring Issues: Laminate or Wood

I had such high hopes on the new flooring I picked out for our
entry way, front room, and the dining room. Sometimes our best laid 
plans don't work out as planned, do they? 

My original plans were to tear out our existing carpet and hard wood floor, 
and install laminate. Easy right, take the old out and install the new. I had
  my heart set on Pergo XP laminate flooring from Home Depot. Why laminate?
It's durable and with all of the reviews I've read it's one of the best products
out there as far as laminate goes and it looks like real wood. Don't get me
wrong, I love hard wood but I thought this would be a good alternative.

Pergo XP sample: color Highland Hickory

Here's the Pergo installed in the dining room and notice the after.
Pergo gone...

The installers came out to install the laminate and after they ripped
up the carpeting they noticed the difference in the floor heights. The
height of the existing wood  floor was 3/4" compared to .039" laminate
  height, this isn't going to work. Sorry to inform you that you are going
to have 1/2" gap under all of your door jams. What??  Why did the 
measure guy or the sales associate at Home Depot not tell me this could 
be a PROBLEM? Especially with knowing most wood heights are 3/4" thick. 

UGH, this is not how this was suppose to work...

So after much discussion with the installers and Home Depot they ended up 
putting down a brand new sub-floor to get the heights of the floors the same.
Now after this"unforeseen cost" as Home Depot put it of $1135 (we told them 
no way so they brought it down 50% per my request) so $568 later we are 
ready to go. The sub-floor went down and then they installed the laminate in the 
dining room, and it looked great. However when you walked on the laminate, 
the floor moved so much you could even see it move. Now I do realize laminate
 floors are floating floors and they do "give or move" a little bit, but not this much. 
 Fast forward a day and the installers showed up to what they thought was to 
 continue installing the laminate floor. No, this project suddenly came to a complete
halt. I let them know how unhappy I was with all of the movement in the floor and
we had to find another solution. Again, with several more conversations with Home 
Depot we now had 21 boxes of Bruce hard wood acclimating in our front room. 
There was NO installation date, but we had the wood.
calling Home Depot again. They know me by name now. 

Maybe the carpet wasn't so bad after all...

Now I'm missing my carpet a little bit. My hubby took this grainy picture and posted
it on Facebook to share a little frustration. He's not a happy camper. What do you do
though; these things happen all the time. 

Leaving you with a sample of the new wood waiting to be installed.
I will keep you posted. Sorry this post was so long, but it's a big ordeal
and I couldn't explain it in one paragraph. I'm not even telling you all the 
details, I'll spare you those. Fingers crossed the installers return
this week to install the hardwood.