Pumpkin decorating ideas

Hi friends! Can you believe we are almost to Halloween?
It's that time again, time to decorate our pumpkins. Do you carve,
paint, or just creatively embellish them? We always see the cutest 
pumpkin designs and it looks so easy until you sit down to carve it,
and you realize there is no way I can do this with only a sharp knife. If
I only had some power tools. This year we I might have to get some
paint out and go to town. 

Check out these pumpkin decorating ideas I found at a local 
Pumpkin Festival we went to about a month ago. I'm amazed
at the creativity.

A little Richard Simmons going on here.

Peace, love, and a school bus, too stinking creative.

Glittered pumpkins have been hot this year.

 You gotta love the moustache on this guy. 

Embellished with faux glass pieces, my favorite.

Have you carved your pumpkins yet? 
We haven't yet but will start very soon. Happy Carving!  


Decorating for Fall, my Mantel

Ah October at last and can I just say it's my favorite month out of all of them.
Ever since I was a little girl I always looked forward to Fall and the spectacular
colors the season brings. Speaking of a little girl, my daughter has been after me for
about two three weeks now to "please decorate the mantel Mom". I told her "I will, 
I will" and after three weeks I finally decorated the mantel and had a happy daughter.  

I literally through the swag of flowers up there and starred at it for a couple
of days. I have this love/hate relationship with my mantel and sometimes I get it
right and other times not so much. This time I think I succeeded! I knew with this
mantel that I wanted to keep it simple and not spend any money. 
I used what I had on hand and a little creativity.

White pumpkins seem to be all the rage this Fall. 

The swag of flowers stayed put and I built around it. The yellow pitcher adds 
 an extra pop of color and the sticks give the height. Always remember to use
books to add height to any display. Cheap and easy trick. 

I'm glad the mantel is done and it really does warm up our Living room and 
makes it feel cozy. Now with Halloween around the corner, do I change out 
my mantel for Halloween or leave it as is for Thanksgiving? 

Do you change out your mantel for the holidays or keep it the 
same throughout the year besides maybe Christmas?